WFC:Siege Greenlight Listed on Amazon

Premium Deluxe Listed!

Everyone’s favourite seasick fem-bot has surfaced on Amazon. This is good news for those hoping to add her to their collection as it means pre-orders won’t be too far away. However, if you are one of those that has spent the last thirty-four years hoping to add an obscure, mute, unnamed character that appeared in only one episode of the G1 cartoon to your toy collection, then you’re a maniac and we politely ask you to leave this site and seek help.siege-greenlight-02She is listed for $57.23 Canadian dollars. Why they chose such a figure we don’t know, but expect a price of around £40 or $40 if you’re in the UK or USA. Once again, Hasbro packs a standard figure in a bigger box and doubles the price. We hope you like paying an extra £20 for a few cubic centimetres of air and a tiny plastic cat (“Dazlestrike” – good grief!).  She comes with her Prime Armour, which we still can’t look at or talk about while keeping a straight face.siege-greenlight-04Greenlight transforms into a slightly phallic car mode like all the other fembots (this one makes five) as they share a mold. With her as-yet-unrevealed comrade, you’ll finally be able to make that all-female combiner team Hasbro promised you back in Power of the Primes. For those that have lost track, and it’s easy to do with so many near-identical toys floating around, a fifth member was needed after the bafflingly-stupid decision was made to release Chromia with the central combiner peg removed.

Keep it real.

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