IDW Previews Upcoming Transformers Comics

Transformers return to comic shelves!

IDW now enter their 14th year of being the sole producer of Transformers comics, a month or two after the cancellation of all their Transformers titles. Bizarrely, this cancellation came when it seemed things were just getting good; the award-winning More Than Meets The Eye in particular has been praised by fans and industry professionals alike. IDW seem to be taking a gamble on their new series being as popular as the old ones.

“You ever get the feeling you’re being watched?”

The company has kept shtum on the precise setting of the new rebooted universe, but we know it takes place on Cybertron (to help Hasbro sell all those War for Cybertron toys) and will heavily feature Bumblebee (because what doesn’t these days?).

IDW has been trying to whet our appetites for a few weeks with utterly pointless “teaser” images. Are you ready for this, people? Guys may want to make sure they’re sitting down, and the ladies might want a spare pair of knickers handy:

Conceal your erections, fellas.

We promise, this isn’t a stitch up. These are the actual images IDW shared. There’s more:


The new series is set to hit comic stands on March 13th, although given IDW’s track record for making dates we wouldn’t hold your breath if we were you. Expect it sometime around Christmas, with a reduced page count, four more pages of adverts and a preview of Captain Planet VS The Magic Schoolbus.

Keep it real!

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“Came when it seemed”

2 thoughts on “IDW Previews Upcoming Transformers Comics

  1. Wait, they cancelled MTMTE?


    Ooh! an explosion! Riveting.

    But more to the point, from that second “teaser”, it looks like they’re visiting the crystal caverns under Canterlot. Interesting new direction there…


    1. I like your theory, Seft Sirag. After a quick Google search of “Transformers x My Little Pony” I found a few images that prove it! The reboot is certainly a lot more, ahem, ‘mature’…


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