2019 Optimus Prime Re-Issue Spotted at US Retail

The latest incarnation of our beloved G1 Optimus Prime has been seen in the wild!

Well, this one certainly had a relatively short gestation period. Only a few weeks after the rumour of a new (old?) Generation 1 Optimus Prime re-issue hit the interwebs, the toy has been found at retail in the United States for the grimace-inducing price of $50. g1-optimus-prime-reissueAs might be plain to see, the toy doesn’t come with his iconic trailer. This is either the best thing ever (if you have a dozen Primes already, which let’s face it, you probably do) or the worst thing ever (if you have a dozen Primes already but needed the trailer in a slightly different shade of grey).

On the bright side, this issue corrects a few problems seen with previous releases of the toy (and there are SO many. Talking about the minute differences between them is considered a kind of foreplay in the fandom). The most important change is the restoration of Prime’s smokestacks; toy safety laws meant that since 2002 the stacks were shortened so as to not protrude above the shoulder.

Prime is STACKED

Also, his silver stripes are now painted on – as opposed to being flimsy stickers – and the build quality is apparently a bit better than we have seen lately. He’s also a bright shade of red again (a recent re-issue was more of a pink colour, like he’d been left in the sun or faded in the washing machine) and Optimus now comes with TWO guns… Neither of which he can actually hold properly. Poor Prime hasn’t been able to hold his rifle straight since the war began. We had that problem but the doctor gave us some awesome blue pills to sort it out.

Head to your local Walmart now to pick up our Glorious Leader, and then complain about it until they release the next one! You have your orders!

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“Foreplay in the fandom”


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