Generations Selects Swoop and Ricochet Available for Pre-Order

Me Swoop no see retail release!

A short time ago, mysterious listings began to appear for “Red Swoop” and “Ricochet”. Hasbro must’ve done a deal with Ronseal, because for once we got exactly what it said on the tin: repaints of Power of the Primes Swoop (with a red chest) and Jazz (in his Guy Fieri cosplay) . More surprising perhaps was their method of release – as online exclusives.

Includes sword (yay!) and two-thumbed, oversized mitten with viewing window (yay?)

Snap yours up now at Kapow Toys or Entertainment Earth for the reasonable price of 19.99 while you can. They won’t ever show up at retail, and anyway we’ve seen regular releases in the high street shops at higher prices (we’re looking at you, The Entertainer).

More and more products are being released this way, and we have to wonder why. It’ll be the subject of a future article, but for now we’ll just scratch our heads and share with you our confusion over the issue. There was a time when repaints of existing toys were the done thing; the shelves were flooded with them, and we were told that Hasbro needed to repaint toys to make money.

“At least I won’t shelfwarm like the other me”

Those repaints are becoming more scarce, and with this latest reveal of “Generations Selects” it seems that Hasbro are producing them as web-store exclusives. We didn’t study retail logistics at university, but you don’t need a mortarboard and sheepskin to know that limiting the amount of people your product can be sold to, well, limits the amount of product you can sell.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and keep it real!

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“Deal with Ronseal”

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