G1 Warpath and Gears Re-Issues Coming Soon!

Blam! Pow! Kazooie!

Courtesy of our fellow countrymen In Demand Toys, we have our first look at the upcoming G1 Minibot re-issues Warpath and Gears. These will be Walmart exclusives in the US, but of course they will find their way to online retailers across the globe.

Tonight at ten: ‘The Man Without A Face’

They should set you back around £11 each if you manage to snag them in the UK. Here’s some food for thought – when you adjust that figure for inflation, you actually have it better than kids in the eighties.

“Blam! Kabosh! I have PTSD! I want to die!”

Warpath appears to have a rubsign! It’s nice to know that little bit of technology endured the eighties. What is also interesting for the pathologically curious is that Gears is sporting what may be a prototype Autobot symbol. It’s speculated that the symbol was possibly a misinterpretation of the ‘real’ Autobot insignia (distorted by perspective), which was then reproduced by other artists, or is indeed an early version that shows up on the Minibots because their artwork was commissioned first. In any case, it appears only on Minibot packaging and in a few picture books. Discuss!

Real TFN Logo Smaller

“Better than kids”

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