High-End Baby Bumblebee Movie Figures by Killerbody

Perfect for those that like high-end babies! Like Angelina Jolie.

We’re reporting on these mostly for their absurdity and the audaciousness of that $69.99 price. These figures are pitched at a different class of bobble-head collector; someone with a lot of money and, it seems, poor eyesight – their claim of “Totally Ten Different Characters!” is a deplorable lie. Glancing at the poster reveals their ten character line-up to consist of five Bumblebees, two each of Dropkick and Ant-Man, and finally a StarBlitzenScream to round out the collection.


It’s hard to read, but we can pick out the key detail: that the figures are 11cm tall and come with a speaker in the base. However, buyer beware! That blurry smallprint hides a caveat: the two-pack (priced at $99.99) does indeed include two figures, but only one speaker base. The bloody cheek!

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“Like Angelina”


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