New Transformers TCG Cards Revealed

Just a quick newsflash for you, loyal readers. Via various sources around the interwebs, images of Wave 2 cards have started to appear, including favourites such as Predaking (in a named “Rise of the Combiners” expansion pack), Bluestreak and Megatron.

1547426231-bluestreak - copy
The penitent face of reluctance

Now, we understand that a few people do get a lot of enjoyment out of this game. TCGs have always been popular, as such enduring franchises as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic and Pokémon have shown us. However, we can’t be the only ones appalled by the sheer laziness and lack of effort Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast are displaying here.

“And you thought turning into a gun didn’t make sense!”

The cards re-use everything from package art, to pictures from the Legends game, to panels of the IDW comic! In some cases, the robot mode and vehicle modes don’t even match up.

So why wasn’t original artwork produced for this game? Pokémon can do it. Yu-Gi-Oh can do it. But Hasbro? Nah.

They think you’re an idiot who won’t notice or care that you’re buying pictures you already own on your toy boxes. It works out great for them – instead of making toys (which is expensive!) they can sell you pictures of those toys (which is cheap!) on a bit of paper. And it doesn’t cost them one red cent!

Be careful people. It can be fun to play a game – just don’t end up getting played yourself.

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“Magic and Pokémon”


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